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Tourist Season is the solo/acoustic project of recovering Floridaman Joe Costa (ex-Amateur Engines, Idiot Plot). Without any semblance of a real plan other than “lemme put some of these on tape with a silly cover and see what happens.” Worldwide acclaim and 5 monthly listeners on Spotify later, 2019’s Snow Doubt About It is the product of sending a Sunkissed Goddess like himself to the frozen tundra of the Chicago Polar Vortex winter. Snow Doubt About It also has the distinct honor of being the first time that the cover art didn’t vastly outweigh the quality of the songs. So at least there is that?

Which brings us to the present day...whilst the world quakes with eager anticipation for what comes next from this Artistic Visionary and Renaissance Cat Dad, he has been furiously at work at pulling together some of the best talent from various corners of his living room to come up with the next artistic masterpiece to unleash on the world. What that leaves us with is the gift that that the world has been eagerly anticipating. July 22nd will see his newest addition to the lexicon of modern classics, dubbed Punching Up, come into beautiful existence. Punching Up is available everywhere digitally 7/22, and you can follow his Patreon and other social channels for exclusive content and to stay up to date on future happenings.

See you around, y'all!


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7/5/20 Wow Chicago

7/10/20 What a Time Orlando

7/25/20 To Be Alive London

8/6/20 In This Waking Nightmare Paris

8/11/20 Of No Live Shows Milan

8/26/20 For the Tokyo

9/7/20 Foreseeable Future Bithlo

9/8/20 But Hey Yeehaw Junction

9/27/20 A Man Deez

10/8/20 Can Dream Nutz

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Who the Fuck is "Sara Tonin"?

(What A) Wonderful World

Above Average Weather

Airplane Booze & Middle Seat Blues

3 AM Haze



July 22, 2020

Hey! It’s your favorite Stoner Cowboy with the Flamingo Horseshit from the Internet. Anyway! Just checking in here to let y’all know that Punching Up, my new 3 song EP is out now! It’s a kickass EP with some songs about going crazy, breaking up, and then a Sam Cooke cover too, because why the fuck not. After all, Miel is putting out a “breakup album” called Tourist Season today, so I couldn’t let her steal my breakup album gimmick just unchallenged like that.

Anyway – this is the official launch of my website, Patreon, and all that fun stuff. I extra appreciate you for checking things out, and I’d be even more appreciative of any kind of support. For the first few months, I’m incentivizing my Patreon by matching and donating 100% of all proceeds to BLM-adjacent organizations depending on the tier you sign up for. My ass is even on Buy Me a Coffee if you wanna do that (because you know all I wanna do is get high and sleep all the time lately)...

Anyway, give it a listen, tell your pals, tell Miel that I’m a pretty okay guy and we should play a show sometime? I don’t even know anymore, man.

Here it Is!

July 1, 2020

Finally, after all of the procrastination in the world, 40 shows, two states, and a polar vortex later... I guess I finally have a website for this shit. Anyway, welcome! I’m glad you found me. Hopefully, you even got to scan one of the nifty cards with the QR code on them. Here, you can easily access whatever you need to find me on. Whether it’s Bandcamp, Patreon, Spotify, Facebook...or yes, even Twitter, all of it is here and I’d love if you gave me a follow and signed up for my (very unannoying) mailing list to stay up to date on shows and new releases.

If you’re interested in supporting me directly, I’d like to thank you for giving half a shit. Go us! Secondly, a couple great and affordable ways to do so would be to hit up my Patreon, where I’ll be producing some exclusive content including new songs, covers, and some bonus shit that might be funny*, as well as all of my digital catalog for free. My Bandcamp also has all of my available merch as well as music for pay-what-you-can, so feel free to check that out as well if you’re not a Patreon person.

*Or not.

Finally, the world is super fucked right now. As a white man making music in a time where Black and BIPOC voices needed to be elevated, I struggled a lot with when the appropriate time is to launch this. Unfortunately, the world is not going to be fixed in a day. But what I can do is elevate the voices of those who deserve to be heard. Right now, many organizations need our help. If you can spare anything, please consider donating as well. I will be Matching 100% and donating all of the proceeds from Patreon subs and merch sales for the next three months to some of these organizations.

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